History of Southside Baptist Church
In 1951 Miss Marjorie Dukes (now Mrs. Lonnie Martin) began a free kindergarten in the old jail on
Magazine Street. On November 1, 1952 she joined the staff of Citadel Square Church with express
responsibilities of the work in our area of the city. This mission opened on December 1, 1952 with a
kindergarten and Sunday programs on the second floor of 103 Logan Street. Dr. Wallace R. Rogers was
pastor of Citadel Square at this time.

The property at 87 Beaufain Street was purchased by the Missions Committee which was chaired by
William Bowen. The first block building was dedicated November 7, 1954. Rev. Fred Martin was called as
the first pastor in February 1955. He left February 25, 1959.

On May 3, 1959 Rev. James W. Herron came as interim pastor but soon became pastor. The Auditorium
building was dedicated on November 18, 1962. Mr. Herron resigned September , 1963.

Rev. Williard Ruggles, a school administrator in North Charleston came as intermim pastor December 1,
1963 until February 16, 1964.

On February 16, 1964 Rev. George Bobo became pastor and served until January 31, 1965. Mr. Ruggles
returned as interim pastor and served until February 28, 1966.

Rev. Joseph H. Stover became pastor in March 1, 1966 until January 14, 1968. Rev. Harold W. Syfrett
came as interim pastor April until July 14, 1968.

On July 14, 1968, Rev. John E. Wade became pastor. During his eleven years many changes took place
in the work and in the community. He retired October 31, 1979.

Rev. Hollis E. Bonds came as supply pastor November 1, 1979 until August 1, 1980.

Rev. James F. Norris came as supply pastor August 24, 1980, but his service became long and fruitful at a
time of great change.

Rev. Harold Syfrett served as interim April 1, 1984 till December 31, 1985.

Rev. Hollis E Bonds came as supply pastor Januaray 1, 1986 till September 30, 1986

Rev. Ollie C. Peine came as pastor October 1, 1986
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